If you are interested in submitting music to INDICORE for consideration, we thank you for your interest and want to talk to you! 
Please read through the following information first:
We evaluate only complete albums. We can't tell you whether your music is releasable on INDICORE, without hearing the entire album in context. 
In general, releases should be at least 40 minutes of music, although we make exceptions for records that are shorter or longer, but to be completely honest, the quality of the music needs to justify the exception. 
When you submit a release for consideration, please understand sometimes we might have to to say no. We totally understand how it feels when somebody rejects your music. But the reality could be, there were some technical problems which we can't fix, and it had nothing to do with your music.
While we would like to review your demo as soon as possible, sometimes there could be delays. Therefore, please be patient after you send your demo.; it may take a few days for us to give you a coherent reply. 
We will keep any information or music you send to us confidential and will not share it with anyone.
To submit your demo either snail mail us a data CD (ask for mailing address via contact form). Or provide a web address / link for download.
Please make sure your Demo is a MIXDOWN at 24bits 44.1Khz Wav files (no Limiter on mix). You can compress WAV files to APE or FLAC or ZIP or RAR (no MP3 please).  If you are sending your demo via the net, send us the link from where we can download the files. Free download service websites are fine, as long as we are not required to establish an account to download the file. (,, are preferred)
More detailed information regarding publishing via INDICORE will be sent to you, when we establish contact.
Thanks for reading.